I’m Robert Casas and I’m a Full Time Realtor

I woke up one day and decided…I want to write a blog…and I have no idea why. I supposed I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with anyone who was willing to read them, so thank you for being here. If you’re reading this, you are more than likely a supporter of me (i.e. friend, past client…which is now a friend, family member, fan…J/K) or my Mom. Hi Mom!

So like the title of this entry reads, I’m Robert Casas and I’m a Full Time Realtor. I’d like to start with a little back history of how I became a Realtor and why I decided to do so- because this industry is crazy and there’s no guarantee that anyone will be successful when you decide to make a jump into a career like this. I worked at Disney when I was 16 and was there for 7 years- and I loved it! I got to work with my friends on a daily basis and make magic for so many people, check your photos if you were at Disneyland from 2001- 2008…I may just be there and that’s all I’ll say so that I don’t ruin the magic, but I smiled a lot and took a ton of photos. When I turned 18, I helped family in Real Estate with their open houses, paperwork, and anything else they needed and I loved it, but I was young and wasn’t ready at that time.

In 2005, I began working at PetSmart because I loved animals and I loved the structure of their business. It was professional and they helped their employees become leaders. Within the the first couple years, I was beginning to climb the ladder and ultimately became a Store Manager where I got to help people grow and turn them into leaders. It felt very rewarding to be able to give to others what someone else gave to me. I really loved my time there, but the long hours, workload, and the consistent “retail” issues started to weigh on me. Ultimately, my thought process after a 16 hour day was…if I’m working this hard for someone else, what could I do if I did it for myself???

I truly believe that leadership and those around you influence the love you have for the place you work. I had a great leader above me, guiding me and teaching me to be a better me, but that ultimately changed when I was moved closer to home in a different District. I am open to change, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes energies don’t vibe. I got to a point where my thought of working hard for myself collided with the different energy and I decided it was time for a change. THAT WAS HUGE! It was a moment I won’t forget…I do a lot of thinking in the shower…and as I stood there feeling the unhappiness, I told myself it was time. Now, I am professional and I also am smart, so I wasn’t going to just quit…I needed to make sure I was settled in my new career, to the best that I could be and that I gave plenty of notice so that I didn’t let anyone down who worked with me.

I knew I loved Real Estate and decided that was the route I wanted to go, but it wasn’t an idea of just needing a new job. It was a passion and I felt the fire inside to go for it. I signed up for classes with Allied (a little plug to them) and I wanted to go to in person classes, but got put into online classes…I ordered the books so I had physical copies because I didn’t want to stare at a computer screen for all the courses. I got a mentor, my original Real Estate Agent when I bought and sold my properties, that was looking to start a team and she without hesitation took me under her wing. She taught me a lot and I am forever thankful to her. I took on a lot in those months before I got my license because I was working full time, volunteering full time and studying to do this. I took studying seriously because I wanted to be prepared for what I was getting myself into. (Side note: no amount of studying can prepare you for the real life experiences in this adventure)

It was time to take my state test- and I failed. The night before I was so stressed and didn’t sleep at all. No one told me the room was going to be dark, you’d be staring at a dimly lit screen, and I think that my nerves got the best of me. I was overthinking…multiple choice options sometimes do that and when you complete your test, they give you a folded up paper and you can’t open it until you leave the room that leads you to the elevators that led you out of the building. I was devastated, I wanted to collapse in the elevator, I thought I wasn’t good enough…I studied so hard and I believed I was never going to be able to do this- I HATE TESTS.

I went home and gave myself a pep talk, I knew I could do it and I wasn’t going to give up, I took it again…I got good sleep and didn’t cram so hard on the material…and passed! I was so excited and so happy! I did it! OMG! I can’t explain the high I was on! I called everyone who was rooting for me and then I got home and was like…now what?? See, even if you want to be a Realtor, there is no one giving you clients, especially when you’re new! I did have a client/friend who was ready and she gave me that opportunity to represent her. I promised that I may be new, but I will work harder than anyone else and I will not disappoint. I was determined, focused, and worked hard to make sure she got the home she wanted. When we closed on her penthouse (yes, penthouse), it was my first closing, and I was so excited…not for myself…but for her. I didn’t need the money, I had a full time job. I legitimately felt overwhelmed with happiness for her. Still to this day, I am more excited for the clients involved than myself.

I don’t do this for the money. I do this because I love it. I’m not trying to preach that money is bad, I’m saying my passion for this is beyond the money - I’m not a good businessman in that sense for myself, but I work hard for those who allow me to work for them. After almost two years of working full time as a store manager and part time as a Realtor, I jumped to be a Full Time Realtor. I was okay with making less money, I was okay with not knowing if I’d make it, and I was okay because I knew I would be doing what I loved. I would also like to share that Steve Harvey gave an incredible speech that you can watch on YouTube about “jumping” and I highly recommend you watch it.

Do Blogs need to have a closing or a “message”? If so, let me leave you with this. My thoughts from that pivotal moment in the shower where I was so unhappy… Life is too short. It’s too short to not be happy and if you have the power to change it, no matter how hard it’ll be for a while, why not? Why not jump? Because if you don’t…nothing will change.

Thanks for reading. R

Steve Harvey- Jump

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