Deciding to BUY, before I was a Realtor and my advice to those who are on the fence

I loved having roommates and jumping from Apartment to Apartment. There’s something refreshing with new when you’re young, wild and free…LOL…the good ol days as some would say. I lived with “now exes,” family (Hi Mom) and friends from North County to South County, even overseas at one time, and I have such fond memories of late nights, gatherings, fun dinners, and movie nights. Then something happens.

You meet someone you want to marry, you finally land an adult job, you get out of debt, and the list goes on. You begin to start looking at Real Estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, etc….my personal favorite, if you ask, would be Redfin- I will probably write a Blog on these sites at some point, but while you search on the websites…you begin to dream. I think everyone definitely goes through that. For me, I would look at those sites and get so excited that I couldn’t sleep. I would dream of the space, what I wanted it to look like, and imagine those fun gatherings that I had with my roommates…only in my own home. Then you hit the point, where you may watch some HGTV, and choose the home you’d pick if you were on House Hunters and either get mad at the people for obviously choosing the wrong home or be happy that you got it right. You got it right because you are almost there, you’re ready to choose for yourself.

So let me put the disclaimer out there that house hunting is not like House Hunters and you don’t see three properties and then choose, but I know for me, I try and make it as fun as possible for my clients…lunches, discussions, and ultimately guidance through the home buying process. But when is the right time to BUY? My honest answer is, when you can. When you are done with renting and paying someone else’s mortgage and when you’re ready to invest in yourself. I used that line for the longest time when I was creating a “brand” for myself, but it’s so true. You will get the biggest return and build equity when owning Real Estate- you do not get any of that when you are renting. So when you can, meaning you have the income to do so, and you know financially you will be okay. The first step is to always speak to a lender and pick their brain and any good Realtor should have some great lenders they can refer to you.

Before I was a Realtor myself, I hit that point to buy in 2011 and finally did so in 2012. I was so excited to think that I was ready and able, but I was determined to do so. I did it on the DL (down low for those that don’t know) and I didn’t even tell my parents. The main reason, I didn’t want any distractions. Ultimately, it was my decision and I knew I was ready and that is my advice to you. When you know you’re ready, you will go for it. Like anything in life, when you want something bad enough, you have to make it happen.

Don’t worry though, it is a process. I decided to buy in 2011 and it took me a year to actually make it happen, so don’t feel rushed. Everyone’s timeline is different. An even crazier thought, I decided to buy a second property as a rental and it took me five years! WHAT??? Yes, five years! So again, take your time.

You may read that the best time to buy was always five years ago…or maybe I just see that because I follow real estate articles, memes, and other information stuff on the market, but that’s what they say. So if you’re ready, you’re on the fence, reach out and have a good discussion on what the market is like. As of today, in 2021, rates are good and that’s what is driving buyers, but that can change in the months and years to come. Do what’s right for you, but I mean this and will close this entry with my old tag line - Invest in yourself. (I still and will always believe that when I speak about real estate)

Thanks for reading. R

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